Madden NFL 21 – Check Out The Latest Ability Point Updates

Madden NFL 21 has rolled out a series of changes for Ability Points that include a limit increase for both offensive and defensive.

Madden NFL 21 has made some updates to the Ability Point feature. This is the second update to this system. The limit for Ability Point for both offense and defense is now 15. It gained a +3 boost from 12. The limit for Special Team Ability Point was updated to three. It was previously two. Now, let’s check out the position updates. We will start with the offensive ones.

The quarterback playmaker has 10 Ability Points for the improviser. Playmakers half-back, wide-receiver, and tight-end have been updated to six Ability Points. The route tech for these three positions has received a +1 boost for all archetypes. We will move on to the defensive AP updates. One Step Ahead now has six Ability Points. The Deep Route KO has received a +1 increase for all the archetypes. The same goes for the Medium Route KO and the Acrobat. Don’t forget that the update applies to specific positions. The Lurker middle line back and outside line back has been decreased by one for all archetypes. On the other hand, the safeties positions got a +1 Ability Point boost. The Inside Stuff and No Outsiders for middle line back and outside line back have been downgraded by one. Once again, this applies to all archetypes. The last three defensive styles have received the same treatment. We are talking about the middle line back and outside line back for Goal Line Stuff. The defensive tackle, defensive end, and outside line backer for Edge Threat Elite is another one of the downgrades. The middle line backer and safeties for Enforcer got a -1 decrease for run support and field general. These changes were made after careful consideration. The community feedback also had something to do with it. This means that the Madden NFL 21 team is listening to the players and that’s always a good sign. Don’t forget that you can make your voice heard on the forums and by providing feedback in the game. The changes to the Ability Point system will be seen in the game starting with March 23rd. The full patch notes are available on the official EA Madden forums. You can also read other players’ comments and see how they feel about the changes.

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