Monstercock Male

This is a story about the relationship between L Morenzo, a 36-year-old assistant professor in the Department of Cytology at the UNIVERSITY OF GULHAM, and N, a 23-year-old brilliant college student. It is conveyed through Morenzo’s conversation with his psychiatrist Dr Sitz Steak.

We need to explain a little about N, but the reader is empathetic about what we are concerned about and keeps in a locked cabinet without showing the patient’s name without confirming the patient’s name. It is necessary to respect the fact that it comes from the recorded Dr Steak records. Confidentiality of psychological and psychiatric records. It is uncertain whether these records are related to N or Morenzo’s comments about N. Because of the above-mentioned complete confidentiality that Dr Steak has strictly adhered to, no label identifies them. However, it refers to a young woman called Morenzo and N. he was about 23 years old in the late 1970s and 44 years old when he finished his entry in 1998, following the final breakdown of the sit steak.

The margin has a lot of graffiti and looks like it’s in Dr Steak’s hand, but it’s written in dark ink and in a somewhat unusual way. These are probably random entries made later by Sit Steak when he was considering Morenzo’s files for insurance purposes or as the source of one of the many academic papers he wrote. Is like. “Tits From Heaven” is a marginal notation that is often found in thick dark lines, reflecting repetitive and even obscure graffiti suggestive of a violent tendency to be struck by a pen stick mark. It seems that “Huge milk, bigger than the whole universe” was another desperate, slightly exaggerated entry. Also, the page contained multiple stains, some of which were stacked on top of each other. DNA analysis indicates that these are Dr Steak’s semen stains left behind by what appears to be continuous masturbation to these sheets, probably over a long period of over 20 years.

In addition to Dr Steak’s composite files for Morenzo, as well as these massive amounts of slightly sticky data, information about the relationship between Morenzo and N was obtained from Morenzo’s exact comment on hypnosis as part of his treatment. Interviews with various obscure former students who participated in the UNIVERSITY OF GULHAM while Morenzo and N were involved in their ferocious and meaningful relationship. Interviews with Doody Boy, Big Ass, and other members of UNIVERSITY OF GULHAM’s Cytology Division, and statements made during its disposition and trial.

It is clear from Dr Steak’s files that N is an imposing woman. At first, it was unclear if Sit Steak saw N. It seems that she has never had a personal visit with Sit Steak or a doctor who could be rated Morenzo. However, N’s vivid description in the Sitsteak file suggests that Sitsteak may be obsessed with N’s fascinating vision conveyed to him by Lostzo, as he observes N. Or, suggesting he was engaged in some long-term voyeur surveillance, N, and may even have tried to favour her in some secret way. If she was just one mistress of his patient, there is no other possible explanation for the apparent strength of Dr Steak’s emotional involvement with N.

Based on Dr Steak’s records and the various sources above, it’s clear that N was reasonably tall, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, and had brown blonde hair almost over his shoulders. N seemed to have a rather dramatic visual impact on men, and observers uniformly commented on three prominent aspects of her appearance. First and foremost, it was universally described as a huge, plump, transparent, colossal breast, so to speak, like two large high-beam headlights with all eyes nailed. , I was illuminating my upper body (male and female) I couldn’t escape. Many men reported that when they first saw this beautiful sight, their lower jaw was utterly marvelled, and shortly after that, abundant salivary flow and constant health were followed, as if they were in their habitat. Did. Existence of one of the major goddesses of the classical era.

In an awkward, fumbling, rather a delicate way, Dr Steak created what might be (so to speak) the most important relationship. One of the many pieces of evidence to Dr Steak’s analytical expertise, this insight is that N’s tremendous breasts are as formidable as Morenzo’s characteristic properties, and both N and Morenzo are humans. It seems that they seemed to be entirely away from for these reasons. Or as the sit steak pondered me

The second visual aspect of N, which was uniformly described by all observers as “eyeball thaw”, was N’s bottom richness. The bottom of N was more carefully called her terrier and was often called her ass by others. Yes, N was explained to have a very feminine and beautiful bottom that Dr Steak called the “Donkey’s Donkey” and “1000 Donkey”. It is also clear from these explanations that the eye-catcher of these observers was the well-formed, not soft, unobtrusive feminine cushion. No, instead, the back of the N wasn’t seen as a playful little mound that might want to put its head up. Still, instead, they’re like the front side of her, Described as a giant sensual mare-like quarter that ultimately influenced the eyes that had the great fortune to bring this exemplary work of female anatomy into its field of view. Rivet it.
N’s third, and as dramatic feature as us, was her face. N: He had a great heart and was a scholar (as an undergraduate in biochemistry, then in the law aspect). It was a very well-read and published novelist. He was a very sympathetic person. And a good mother for her three sons. However, despite these honourable features, N’s appearance, or the way she showed herself in everyday life, was a handsome and glossy face and mouth, and a little bit. It was dominated by the fact that it had tired eyes, combined with the other two physical attributes above, yielded an image or visual impression of extreme sensuality, the sum of the individual anatomical parts. Thoroughly abandoned actions that are many times more powerful than.

In a woman with a light-faced, well-defined face, her N-sized breasts and breasts might have looked obscene. But when these elements were entirely welded achieved in N, when one colleague first looked at, when he turned to a little drunk N with Morenzo at the reception at the UNIVERSITY OF FULHAM. , True “Viking Goddess”.

The N has a unique type of sensuality that stopped the vehicle from passing. Before the rise of political correctness in the early 1980s, her presence on the sidewalk allowed trucks, taxis, and most other cars to be found only in the fictional Italian movie of the highly stylized sex symbol. To the extent that it did not exist, I was able to appreciate it in a jerk. Actress. But N downplayed this caution and the cheesy sexual label that most men seemed to have when they first met her.
Nevertheless, N had an extreme libido. However, her favours were not randomly or widely distributed, and her choice of partners, including Morenzo, had been shown to lack some measure. Still, she had a limited number of strong emotional sexes. I formed a physical relationship.

One aspect of N’s tragedy, or her uncontrollable disaster, was that she had an overwhelmingly erotic influence as a person and they could not treat her as a person. Those who weren’t paying (and even some of them) couldn’t think of anything but go out in front of her, kiss their lips and breasts, and copulate persistently until the end of time. Just looking at N has been found to embody the potential for sexual and emotional ecstasy. As a result, most men, especially those who had or did not have any sexual and emotional strength in their lives, were threatened by her. They weren’t hinged because N was usually rooted in their selfish and overly materialistic minds and never embodied what they wanted. So, they would reject her as a person and dismiss the unachievable options that her face presented them by weakening the overt sensuality that her face was most attractive to her.

Thus, in many ways, N is an alienated person, a less well-cultivated and undesired subject of an undesired overture from the restrained part of the male population, making her too excited to approach her for long periods. It was hostility from a socially appropriate man who could not. N’s intellectual arrogance and her almost complete dislike of suffering from idiots, pedants, and Braggarts also did not contribute to her social purpose in the long run.

N is a 23-year-old student in the Faculty of Scientology, and she and Morenzo began a relationship shortly after they met. Morenzo, like all other men, was dizzy when he first consciously turned to N (at that time, all men’s eyes were riveted to her). This shy and introspective young woman noticed very much because she knew that her social impact and very uncomfortable about it) had her signature silhouette in front and behind, I crossed the University Square with her Viking face on top. Next, he encountered N, chatting and receiving advice at the office of one of his N colleagues, Torpid-Stupid / Vladimir. Morenzo later learned N from Torpid (presenting himself as a heartfelt teacher who overly begs for undergraduates), perhaps the fact that he is a bit mentally slow and his scholarship Tracking N in a rather indirect and restrained manner characterized as a pedestrian (quite politically correct), he never gathered to give her a transparent approach.

N took part in a class taught by Morenzo and soon after their relationship began, N said he was surprised by Morenzo that he wasn’t asked for lunch until the second semester. Morenzo was clearly in control with N. He invited her to join him for lunch, and shortly after that they were in bed and began a rather terrible relationship. However, in retrospect, in the course of the therapy on the sit steak, Morenzo decided that N chose him, she took the initiative, and Morenzo decided what he wanted. It became more and more apparent. She put herself in the class he taught, as a normal man, a very normal man, probably because of his exceptionally lucky or unhappy donation we described above. Will react to her as expected. And in this case, since he was chosen, she responds to him in a clearly encouraging but socially relevant manner.

From Dr Steak’s notes, N was found to be a very demanding mistress (as all good mistresses are), at least during the summer school leave, regardless of his academic needs and obligations. , Claimed to have two days of Morenzo time. It’s also abundantly evident, where Dr Steak explained in his explanation that N was very demanding in bed, nearly continuous mating needed to be near hysteric, and Morenzo made every effort to quench. By paying, it seemed overloaded and obsessed. But in N, Morenzo appears to have found his match, and Dr Steak’s file on both Morenzo and N shows Morenzo’s lamentation about N’s emotional strength and insecurity, and regardless of society. The need for physical and sexual intimacy in virtually every setting is plentiful and the impact on Assistant Professor Morenzo.

N, hoping for the emotional and sexual frenzy of the hysterical female state, hoped Morenzo would come to her as soon as she entered her apartment (always in an upright position), she usually It seems that he was wearing such a subtle and provocative outfit when Morenzo arrived (either by showing off her entire chest with an unfit flannel shirt or by visualizing the ecstasy vision that would exist soon). As much as possible, given his particular direction and the force of natural gravity, he had no power to do anything but obey with brute force.

Dr Steak’s notes and comments then became very large. After their first action, they quickly moved to N’s bed, where she requested and presented her with a considerable amount of goods, giving Morenzo a multifaceted look. Seems to have been given the full wrath of a general in¡Xthe most appetizing etiquette that can be imagined in human minds, and more specifically, adolescent boys.

What N requested of him, and what Morenzo provided, was the singular act of a romantic slaughter. Dr Steak’s note, which may not be accurate in this matter, is a constant reference to “a large amount of thick semen”, an endless orgasm, a plea for unstoppable, a reference to “front and rear doors”, And is emphasized by nausea. Then I washed it off with cheap New York champagne. Although these notes do not directly mention the size of Morenzo’s penis, his monster cock is a significant dimension of N’s relationship with him, which is essential for her continued appeal. It seems to be an implicit assumption that it was part of Morenzo’s other adorable features, but I’m happy with him.

In his notes, Dr Steak frequently used the terms “cock” and “nipple” instead of penis and chest, as taken directly from Morenzo’s account of the details of sexual relations with N, and often Decorate these nouns with more descriptive adjectives. The possibility of his choice is more than the one offered by Morenzo, which is milder. Again, these excesses seem to reflect Dr Steak’s obsession with N and Morenzo’s apparent ability to follow the path with many highly desirable women, and Dr Steak’s insecurity It shows that it is increasing.